Marina+Alejandro | Wedding In Jardin Van De Walle

We felt that we were part of the friends and family of Marina+Alejandro during their wedding day at Jardin Van De Walle in Santa Brigida, Las Palmas… they really made us feel at home… so at home that we almost ended up in the pool during the party :) Thank goodness that it didn’t happen (we run as crazy as a road runner) :) We are so stoked and humbled knowing that they really appreciated each images that we have created together for their specialย day, receiving voice and text messages because they appreciate the moments we have captured is just humbling, mind blowing and also a very importantย reminder that what really matter most for our clients during their wedding day are the things unseen… dress will worn out, beauty will fade out but love will get newer and younger and stronger as time passes, thanks to the images that we as photographers can create for our clients and their family and friends. Thank you so much again Marina+Alejandro for this awesome experience! We love you guys!!!

wedding-in-jardin-van-de-walle wedding-marina-alejandro-jardin-van-de-walle-fotografo-boda-las-palmas jardin-van-de-walle-engagement-shoot-boda-fotografo Alejandro-marina-boda-jardin-van-de-walle-fotografos santa-brigida-jardin-van-de-walle-boda-las-palmas-fotografofotografo-boda-laspalmas-jardin-van-de-walle fotografo-boda-jardin-van-de-walle jardin-van-de-walle-wedding-photographer



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