Ginger+Matthew | Fontaine de Saumane, South of France Wedding

Destination wedding photography is not as easy and as awesome as many try to paint it… Most of the times we have to leave our family behind for a couple of days or weeks to go for the assignment shoot… often times we cry in bed… sometimes we prefer to shoot locally…

But then you meet exceptional couples, with inspiring love stories like Ginger who is originally from Ecuador and Matthew who is originally from United States… YOU JUST HAVE TO GO AND SHOOT… we felt a NEED to witness their LOVE and and this moved us to CREATE images that is WORTHY to their awesome TRUE STORY… Their awesome day took place in Domaine de la Tuiliére, Marseilles, South of France… an awesome jaw dropping venue!!!

We can’t be more than thankful to you Ginger, Matthew and Hans for making us feel at home and for your great kindness during our stay in Marseilles, South of France. We wish you all the love in the Milky Way and can´t wait to bear hugs you when we meet again in New York!

Special thanks to Natan Sans and Jacob Loafman for joining us in this mad adventure, Marseilles will not be the same without the Loaf and Action Man who almost lost his leg XO… Thank you so much Lucy Till for preparing and organizing everything and making sure all things are on time :) you are the heart beat of the day <3

Domaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-Marseille-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-Marseilles-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Marseille-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Best-Wedding-PhotographerMarseille-South-of-France-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-Marseille-South-of-France-Best-Wedding-PhotographerBest-South-of-France-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-DonHelen-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-Wedding-Photographer South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer Domaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer-donhelenDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Marseilles-Best-Wedding-PhotographerDomaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer-Ginger-Matthew-Wedding Fontaine-de-Saumane-South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer-donbringas Fontaine-de-Saumane-South-of-France-Wedding-Planner-Lucy-Till Fontaine-de-Saumane-South-of-France-Marseille-Wedding-Photographer Domaine-de-la-Tuiliere-South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer-weddingplanner-lucy-till Lucy-till-french-wedding-planner-south-of-france Best-Fontaine-de-Saumane-South-of-France-Wedding-Photographer-Don


Wow !!! Great coverage, bro, full of life pics, 200% Don Bringas, I really enjoyed with you two, was a lovely & crazy wedding. Congrats!!! 👍⚡️🎉

Thanks action man for joining this madness :) Love you buddy!

Beautiful wedding and beautiful shots, obviously!!!

Thank you Haley <3!!! sending you bear hugs!!!

Wow, this wedding is stunning from start to finish. What beautiful images you have captured!

You are so kind… this couple literally are Care Bears! And all their fam and friends are awesome peeps!

You make this wedding seem like it has more character than most of the weddings on the planet. Some of that was them, but your storytelling brings it out so vibrantly!

Thanks for your time Paul :)

Well done, guys!!!!!
Really great job! Love every single image!

Thank you for your awesomeness :)

I am so happy to have found your work and chose you as our amazing photographer Don! You truly created an incredible set of images that will last forever in our hearts! Thank you thank you thank you!

ohhh :) you made our day with this so beautiful comment Ginger!
We love you so much!!!



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