Jacqueline+Victor | Villa Del Conde

It´s difficult to see something invisible… but as wedding photographers we have this awesome opportunity of a lifetime to show to everybody what love looks like (for us) in person… What love looks like in person? How much do we value that power we have in our hands? It´s difficult to answer these questions… specially if we are surrounded with peers who throws out their strong opinion on the matter, sometimes we let other´s opinion to mold the way we see, the way we feel, the way we personify love. Don´t ever… ever… ever let that happen, if you do… you will definitely forget the person that you really are… the UNIQUE you!!!

We invite you to the story of Jacqueline + Victor´s wedding in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria… And this is what love looks like for us in bone and flesh :)


WOOOOW! Amazing work guys. You simply rocks!

You are too kind Tom!!! <3

Super bonitas fotos. Preciosa historia!

Muchas gracias :)

Estupendo chicos! Un abrazo desde Berlin !!

Dani!!!!! Un abrazote desde canarias!

Precioso reportaje, me encanta la sutileza con la que tratais los detalles.

Muy amable… gracias :)

What an incredible and amazing production of photos. You truly captured the fleeting moments that they will want to hold on to throughout their marriage. The beauty of your craft is that you more than likely captured images they don’t yet know how much they will love in the years ahead until they get there.

¡Trabajo glorioso, amigo mío!

Thanks Joshua :) Appreciate your kind words buddy



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