Alba+Will | A Banana Forest Elopement

Have you been to a place where the sea, dunes and mountain meet together and where the sun shines like never, then suddenly it´s pouring hard, then in a split second suddenly its hailing like crazy? Welcome to our mini continent in Gran Canaria in the middle of Atlantic where Alba+Will decided to exchange their promises in the middle of a banana forest… 

Special thanks to the A team who made this day unforgettable… Super Weddings Film, The Federicas Wedding Planners, Aurelia Gil, Roes 1957, Grupo Ruido, Hacienda del Buen Suceso, Doble A Rent and Spaces, The S Bakery, Animalesque, Isabel Garcia Maquillaje, Floristeria Hesperia and to our awesome couple Alba and William :) <3 


gracias amigo :)

Beautiful work, an amazing coupe. Best Regards

thanks for passing by cheers :)

I haven’t seen such a beautiful elopement in a while.This is awesome!Greetings from Greece!

Thank you so much! You are more awesome!

Holy s**t this is gorgeous set! Every picture is like a masterpiece full of art. Love <3

Holy guacamole what a compliment buddy :) Thank you so much :) :) :)

Muy amable, gracias :)

Love! This! Thanks for sharing

ohhh… thanks for being so thankful :)

every photo says so much, each a piece of art on its own and brought so well together in storyline. amazing work!

You guys are the kindest hearts :) <3



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