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Don+Helen | Best Wedding Photographer Barcelona

Barcelona will never be the same again after this awesome madness with Haley+Jason and their super cool family and friends… #JasonWantsToParty!!! Whoop Whoop!!! This is a dream, this guys gave us a best wedding photographer barcelona experience!!! Literally they traveled across the world to celebrate love and friendship <3 <3 <3 From different parts of USA to Barcelona to Mallorca to Marrakech to Milky Way XD Oh boy they literally travelled with all their love ones to party all night long :) We felt so privileged to witness this special moment… As you browse through the images in this post and hit play on the music… try to feel the intensity of the day and how each person portrayed in the pictures felt during the day… Special shout out to Haley+Jason for giving us all their trust and letting us work as ¨Stealth Ninjas” during these 3 days of celebration… Special thanks to Natan Sans for accompanying us and bringing out ¨The Action Man” spirit of the team (no coffee for you next time hahahaha) … Thank you, thank you, thank you to A Spanish Do Wedding Planners for preparing and making everything gorgeous and on time, and to #NoPacoNoParty for bringing out the rhythm and moves during the wedding, you guys rock!!! And thank you Dallas and Sabrina for referring us to this wonderful couple :)

Don´t forget to hit the music as you browse through the awesome 3 days of Haley+Jason´s wedding celebration…

Don+Helen | Best Wedding Photographer Barcelona

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So much emotion, só good!

Ohhh so kind of you!

All your photos make me want to be part of the celebration!!! That wedding is so beautiful, and the bride is just stunning!

Oh Sistah!!! Thank you so much… this two are super amazing people together with their fam and friends!!

I can’t stop looking at this! You guys could not have done a more fantastic job of capturing our wedding celebrations. We just love you and your work! xx

AWWW!!! You are making us want to travel to US like now and Sloth hug you to death hahaha!!! We love you too guys ;)

We’re waiting!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

love how each image has so much context. without even being there I honestly feel the story and don’t get lost trying to figure out where a particular image fit in time. Keep at it guys :)

Sending you guys all the love from this planet <3

Beautiful and everything is done perfectly!!

Cheers crazy dude

As I’m looking into perhaps adding Fuji to my Nikon gear, I’ve looked at these photos with a more critical eye, trying to judge technical aspects and the overall suitability of Fuji gear for this kind of environment. All I can say is I was quite impressed and did not dwell into technicalities for too long. This is absolutely cracking coverage, superbly documented, photojournalism at its best. Consider me impressed! :-)

Thanks for passing by :) We are happy full time Fujifilm users ;)

next one

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