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Vero+Jose | Finca Los Pinos Las Palmas

Don+Helen | Finca Los Pinos Las Palmas  Finca Los Pinos Las Palmas  : A celebration of love, family and true friends… this is what Vero+Jose´s wedding is all about :) They have been waiting for a long time for this joyous big day to come… Lots of effort and work behind the scenes… Lots of tears […]


Veronica+Jose | Up!

3:30 a.m. our alarm clock started that irritating sound… It´s time to wake up, it´s time to drive way up to one of the highest peak of Canary Islands. This is our “first” sunrise engagement session and we are totally in love with it!!! Veronica+Jose overcame the fear of heights and strong winds with their […]


Jessica + Oscar | Crazy For You

Pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity to get to know this wonderful couple… they are literally unstoppable and full of fun and surprises… we love this guys :) We started the shoot drinking “some mojitos” under the sun… Jessica, Oscar and us laughed a lot telling and hearing about their story and our story of […]

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