Jaclyn+Dustin | Barcelona Engagement

When people asks us… “why you started photographing couples?”… We reply “We are passionate to witness love, to feel love, to be loved… like if it´s the last thing we´ll ever do” We don´t have to wait to lose someone before we really appreciate their value in our life.  Jaclyn+Dustin is an authentic crazy couple :) Jaclyn´s family is originally from Philippines and Dustin´s from U.S.A.  but their love knows no boundaries… Laughter, wine, tapas and more laughter is over flowing during their engagement session in Barcelona… as an evidence that we really enjoyed the day, Don almost missed his plane back to Canary Islands for 1 minute :) We just can’t wait to see this awesome couple again… #EPICTIMES will be back real soon ;) *Special thanks to Natasha for joining in our madness :) Hit the play button to listen to the awesome music of our friend Stefany June feat. Ruud Fieten “Love, You Treat Me Like A Fool” follow Stefany June´s awesome work in Spotify and download her album in iTunes <3 <3 <3 Cheers!


Thanks man… cheers :)

Esmeralda L Ibarra

Wow! Just Beautiful .

:) cheers Esmeralda

Okay, THIS is so beautiful! Thank you for being so inspiring!

Thank you for taking time Herr :)

BEAUTIFUL! Dream to photograph day like this, from morning fun in bed to stunning, just stunning photos in the city. I love the high contrast and shadowy pictures! Woooow!

Thanks Dorota :)

Alexandre Bigliazzi

Beautiful!!! Miss you guys.

You are beautiful and we miss you!

Beautiful work as always!!

Thank you guys :)

Wow guys! These are so special. We love you!

You guys are special!

thank you :)

Wow! Just amazing! Did you shoy on Fuji?

Thanks :) yup all fuji ;)

Very nice set of images! I like the colour and tones very much!

Thanks for passing by :)

Thank you :)

I love this man! is so inspiring <3

Cheers buddy :)



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