Mariana+Habila | A Gambian – Spanish Wedding

When we asked Habila to embrace Mariana as if it is the last time he is going to feel her… He just broke in tears during the last part of the engagement shoot and could not contain himself… They just stayed there, holding each other tight until the last light of the day kissed them goodbye. Their wedding was pure of joy and love with their closest family and friends who travelled from different parts of the world to celebrate the love of this two pure hearts. Thank you so much guys for giving us the opportunity to know you and now, to call you our friends…

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I love your pictures! Nice, very, very nice job!

Thanks buddy :)

Amazing work. Love the engagement shoot. That light is beautiful!

Thanks Sara :)

very nice photos. I love the color on these!

cheers buddy :)

I love it! Great job. Congratulations!

thank you man

This photo shoot is captivating. I am fascinated by the tranquility and peacefulness of this place; it is really picture-perfect. Each picture has captured the real and natural emotions, which is the best thing about this wedding ceremony. Even interiors are very beautifully clicked, just perfect. Great job!

Thanks buddy :)



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