Judit+Daniele | Spanish – Italian Wedding

WARNING:  Judit+Daniele´s wedding day is NOT ABOUT fancy venue, bespoke dresses, high end fashion, expensive vendors, epic landscapes, beautiful portrait sessions, colorful sunny day, beautiful faces, fancy wedding details and design… If you are only looking for those things that we have mentioned, we invite you not to scroll down… Their wedding is pure and they enjoyed it only with their loved ones… EMOTION… LOVE… RESPECT (repeat) are the air that we breathed during this epic celebration :)  Our most favorite part of the day is when Judit+Daniele went running after the ceremony to visit her grand father and officially present Daniele as her husband; we love to call it as “JUDIT´S FIRST LOOK WITH HER GRAND DAD”… who was bedridden and terminally ill some weeks before Judit+Daniele´s wedding, and this made it impossible for Judit´s grand dad to travel by plane nor by ferry, miraculously he recovered a few days before the wedding… Longing to see how beautiful Judit will be on her wedding dress, on her wedding day, on one of the happiest day of her life… Judit´s love for her grand dad is unconditional and we felt really privileged and happy to capture this VERY IMPORTANT MOMENTS that can be forgotten forever… She told us how she remembers her grand dad ever since she was a kid “He always lights and guides our family with his wise advise… My grand father is my pride! I will always remember those unique moments I had spent with him… those endless strolls in the beach, while he sings and plays his Spanish Guitar and make everyone happy with his music while his eyes are over flowing in tears while he sings for his little girl! I love him, he always brings out the best in me… my best smile… specially during those hard moments when I was terminally ill and been months in the hospital… he was always there… showing me how to fight for life and never give up!”


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