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We are crazy and we LOVE to help in every way we can so YOU and YOUR CREATIVITY and YOUR BUSINESS can grow to it´s full potencial… Spine Online Mentorship is a tailored workshop for only one person in each session, meaning we can totally give full attention on what you need to learn… We will let you know everything you need to become a stronger photographer and to have a successful business… No secrets attached…

We will walk you through on why, how, and what keeps us pushing forward… Our LOVE for people, our LOVE for our craft, our LOVE for adventure! Let´s connect!!!!


One To One Mentorship through Skype video conference consists of 3 hour mentorship session with me (Don Bringas). We will try to get to know you better through this online meet up… Why do you do what you do? Where are you now? (creatively wise and business wise) What do you want to achieve? Your strengths and weaknesses and how you can use them to your advantage. Who are your target clients? By knowing you and your outlook in things, now he can help you grow your LOVE in specific areas such as how to understand and tell the real stories of your clients, whole wedding portfolio critique session, workflow practices, getting to your target market, communication skills, editing, pricing, destination assignments, and more…

Price: 475 Euros (Tax Included)


One To One Mentorship In Person consists of up to 8 to 10 hour mentorship session with me (Don Bringas) for a limited number of mentees (***).  We will walk you through the same process as online mentorship but in a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF INTENSITY… we will show you how we work with a real couple right before we start clicking those shutters until we create those beautiful real moments. We will let you see what is going on behind our brain while we create a visual story of the day,  we will walk you through our creative process such as composition, layering, working with all types of light, directing, unposing, communication with the couples, how to be a real storyteller, colors, moments… moments… moments… We will help you along the way :) Then you will be given an opportunity to apply all you have learned by creating your own storytelling process to a new couple :) Yes you read it right!!! We learn only if we apply right away the knowledge! The good thing about in person mentorship is that you can squeeze us as much as you want :) Throw all your doubts and questions we are here to help and listen :) This personalize mentorship will take place in my home island (Las Palmas, Gran Canaria) or I can travel to wherever might be your home base… (Travel, air tickets and lodging will be charged additionally) 

*** Only 5 spots available for 2020 (CANCELLED AT THE MOMENT)

Price: 1580 Euros (Tax Included)

If you are interested in this mentorship program write us at: info@donbringas.com and tell us why you need this mentorship and tell us more about yourself…



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