Lanzarote Famara Beach Photoshoot | Sabrina+Dallas

10 February, 2019 / blog Lanzarote Famara Beach Photoshoot | Last year,  we went to Lanzarote to hang out with our best friends Sabrina+Dallas and explore the island of fire together with our little baby Emily. We stopped by an awesome surfing beach to photograph our most favorite Canadians :) We were so lucky as stunning light and epic landscape […] OPEN POST

Shangri-La Kerry Hotel Hong Kong Wedding | Christina+Ted

6 February, 2019 / blog Don+Helen | Hong Kong Wedding Photographer  Shangri-La Kerry Hotel Kowloon, Hong Kong. December 15, 2018 at 7 a.m. The most awaited day of Christina+Ted started with a big big dim sum breakfast. We are totally crying from inside while the bridesmaids are enjoying this early morning feast XD hahaha!!! We forgot to grab our breakfast […] OPEN POST

Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer | Stephanie+Daniel

4 December, 2018 / blog Don+Helen | Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer Grand Hyatt | Stephanie+Daniel´s wedding was a three day Jewish wedding in the heart of Riviera Maya… To tell you the truth, this is the first Jewish Wedding we ever photographed… AND WE SURVIVED!!!!! Hahaha XD We have been kicked and […] OPEN POST

Andi+Alex | Stockholm Wedding Photographer

25 October, 2018 / blog Stockholm wedding photographer | Don+Helen We rode an adventure a couple of months ago and flew to Sweden to photograph the pre-wedding of Andi and Alex. They will have their awesome destination wedding in Seville on June 2019 and we just can’t wait to witness all the emotions on that day!!! Stockholm Wedding Photographer Instead of […] OPEN POST

Martina+Mirco | Lanzarote Wedding Photographer

24 October, 2018 / blog Lanzarote Wedding Photographer | Don+Helen. We went to Lanzarote, the island of fire a couple of days ago to photograph the love of Martina+Mirco. The island is not new for them, they have been to this epic and peaceful island for about a handful of times. But they just can not get enough of its […] OPEN POST

Montse+David | Boda Finca Condal Vega Grande

11 October, 2018 / blog Montse+David | Boda Finca Condal Vega Grande Primero que nada, queremos agradecer a Montse+David por darnos la oportunidad de contar la verdadera historia de su gran boda Finca Condal Vega Grande. Sin forzar ningún momento… tal como recuerda ellos pero mas loco jajaja!!! Ya que en cada foto que creamos también dejamos nuestras huellas y […] OPEN POST

Provence Wedding Photographer | Isabelle+Clement

26 September, 2018 / Weddings Provence Wedding Photographer If you are to be given a choice between: 1.) Imagine you are Provence Wedding Photographer. And you are going to shoot in a gorgeously decorated wedding venue, a model like couple, a Pinterest board worthy details, and a rave party. Or 2.) a family reunion, pure hearts stuff with lots of […] OPEN POST

Amrita+Nathan | Girona Wedding Photographer

24 September, 2018 / Weddings Don+Helen | Girona Wedding Photographer Have you ever been to a Indian – Jamaican wedding? Oh boy!!! This people definitely loves to party… and Amrita + Nathan´s wedding in Barcelona is one of our faves this season!!! You definitely can see all over their family and friends how much love they have for each other… […] OPEN POST

Hilary+Jeff | Wedding Photographer Waimea Valley In North Shore, Oahu

10 September, 2018 / Weddings Don+Helen | Wedding Photographer Waimea Valley North Shore Oahu SPOILER ALERT!!!! HIT THE PLAY BUTTON, if you want to see Hilary+Jeff´s reaction upon receiving their elopement images :) We will tell you one of our deepest secret… but promise you will not tell it to anyone… before becoming wedding photographers, we were professional exotic dancers! […] OPEN POST
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