Rangefinder Magazine´s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016


Privileged is the word that can best describe how we are feeling right now… to have a job where you get to meet couples from different cultures, to be invited to one of the most important day of their lives, to witness all the love and document their story the way you “feel and observe” as it unfolds in a blink of an eye, to be called a friend months after the wedding… Privileged, humbled, overwhelmed with bear hugs… Thank you so much to all our couples who believed in our madness, we love you!!! 

We learned that one of the best way to grow our business as wedding photographers is caring 100% our clients and caring for ourselves, for each other… Forget about ego… forget about pride… forget about competing… forget about wanting to be the best… It´s all about love… it´s all about sincereness, it´s not all about us (photographers) but all about them (our couples)…

We dedicate this super awesome award by nomination From Rangefinder´s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 to all our clients and now our friends… We dedicate this as well to all our friends who believed in us and never stopped believing on us… we owe you a bunch times a billion… Specially we love you Richard and Amy of TribeRedLeaf.com / TribeArchipelago this one is for you guys!!! And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Fundy of FundyDesigner.com who nominated us and bear hugged us until we can’t breathe no more… And a big big BIG thanks to the support and love that you gave to us  Lukas Piatek and Jacob Loafman of LOOKSLIKEFILM.COM…. THANK YOU to all our friends that in one way and another helped us to be better persons and better photographer… you know who you are and these FLYING KISSES are for you Grace, Jaden, Sabrina, Dallas, Cat, Natan, Esther, Jairo, Cristina, Luismi, Andres, Rafal, Twyla… and many more ( you know who you are!!!) We are nobody without our awesome friends… 

The following images are the 30 winning images from Rangefinder´s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016… Super congratulations to the other winners… it´s overwhelming to be there with you guys :)

donhelen-rf30wedding30 donhelen-rf30wedding29 donhelen-rf30wedding21 donhelen-rf30wedding26 donhelen-rf30wedding13 donhelen-rf30wedding11 donhelen-rf30wedding12 donhelen-rf30wedding16 donhelen-rf30wedding20 donhelen-rf30wedding25 donhelen-rf30wedding23 donhelen-rf30wedding18 donhelen-rf30wedding22 donhelen-rf30wedding17 donhelen-rf30wedding9 donhelen-rf30wedding28 donhelen-rf30wedding19 donhelen-rf30wedding7 donhelen-rf30wedding5 donhelen-rf30wedding4 donhelen-rf30wedding1 donhelen-rf30wedding15 donhelen-rf30wedding27 donhelen-rf30wedding8 donhelen-rf30wedding2 donhelen-rf30wedding24 donhelen-rf30wedding10 donhelen-rf30wedding14 donhelen-rf30wedding3 donhelen-rf30wedding6


It’s been such a pleasure to get to know your work. You guys are awesome and I’m thrilled to be on the list with you.

Laura we are privileged to be there with yeah!!!

You are amazing at all levels. I wish we’ve had a chance to meet already, but time will come. Your work absolutely suits my perception of you as human beings. Warm, honest, full of emotion and thoughtful. Your work deserved a recognition as much as you did. Keep it up guys!

You are such a sweet guy :)

Brilliant work, guys! Gorgeous use of light, fabulous compositions, and so many funny scenes and moments. Congratulations!

Thanks Lucy!!!! :)

Great candind moments and especially like the low key b&w shots. Congrats on making the 30 rising stars list. Wonder if you are the same Don&Helen whose presets I see on the lookslikefrilm fb group.

thanks Sam :) Yes we are the same crazy people…LOL!!!

Thanks for the reply Don. Great work. Also watched your interview with Mark Maya and found it inspiring. Keep up the good work!

Cheers buddy :)

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